Card and Cup Holder

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This Card and Cup Holder adds functionality to church chairs. It provides room for two pens/pencils, six (6) business cards, donation envelopes, a communion cup, and other materials up to 8.75 inches (22.2 cm) wide. The flip-down loop for communion cups will help prevent crushed plastic cups from littering your sanctuary or auditorium.

We’ve designed this unique accessory to fit upholstered chair backs that are both straight and contoured. The Card and Cup Holder can be added to any Bertolini Church Chair.

Note: This accessory is designed to work with chairs manufactured by Bertolini. We cannot guarantee it will work with chairs from other manufacturers. Use with non-specified chairs is done at the buyer’s own risk. Customers with existing Bertolini chairs should call customer service to confirm that the Card and Cup Holder will fit.


Card and Cup Holder
Overall Length 13.5 in
Overall Height 3.5 in
Overall Width 0.75 in
Pocket Length 8.75 in
Pocket Height 3.25 in
Pocket Width 0.5 in
Proposition 65 Information (Applicable to customers in California)