Prop 65

Seeing a Proposition 65 warning sticker on that shiny new MITY product you just unpacked can be a little disconcerting—especially when you’re not sure why it’s there and what it means about your new purchase. So, we thought we’d give you a little more info on why we include Prop 65 stickers on some of our products.

What is Prop 65?

California’s Proposition 65 is a law that requires businesses and retailers who ship or sell products in California to include a warning on any products that may contain quantifiable amounts of chemicals the state has listed as “known in the state of California to cause cancer or reproductive toxicity.” It’s important to note that some of these chemicals are naturally occurring in the soil, water, and air. You’ll find Prop 65 warning stickers on day-to-day household products like beauty supplies, aspirin, jewelry, and dishes. In California, you may also see Prop 65 warnings at public parks, restaurants, airports, hotels, and gas stations.

Where Did Prop 65 Come From?

California’s Proposition 65 was enacted in 1986 to help California residents make informed decisions. Also called the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act, the law requires California to publish a list of chemicals which scientists classify as probable carcinogens and update it at least once a year. Currently, about 900 chemicals are registered on the list.

The complete list can be found on the California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) website.

What is a Probable Carcinogen? That Sounds Scary.

When Prop 65 lists a chemical as a “probable carcinogen,” it means that scientists, within the state of California, believe it might cause cancer in some people. However, it has not been agreed on that all these chemicals cause cancer by the worldwide scientific community—or by experts outside the state of California.

But, I’m Not In California. Why Am I Seeing A Warning Label Mandated By California?

MITY sells products to businesses and distributors who operate in various states around the country, including California. Because we don’t always sell our products to the end user, or know where our product might end up, we have decided to put the Prop 65 warning label on all our products. As we’re not the biggest fans of risking sanctions or fines, we’re happy to comply with California’s Prop 65 labeling requirements.

So… Should I Be Concerned?

Much of the concern around chemicals on the Prop 65 list centers around the exposure to chemicals that may “off-gas” and create an unhealthy indoor air environment. MITY is committed to manufacturing products that reduce emissions in indoor environments. In fact, the majority of MITY’s furniture products meet the strict criteria for UL GreenGuard’s Indoor Air Quality Certification, a certification which allows facilities to qualify for credits through LEED and other sustainable building programs.

California is taking every precaution possible to give its residents the “Right to Know” and Prop 65 warning labels are how the state ensures it’s getting the word out.

We want you to know that everyone at MITY Inc. takes the safety of our products and our customers very seriously. After all, we use our own products every day! We’re proud of what we make, and we want you to feel safe using and enjoying our MITY products.

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