General Questions

Where are Bertolini chairs manufactured?

Bertolini manufactures custom-built church chairs in the USA and overseas. Bertolini Impressions Chairs are designed and manufactured in Utah, USA. Bertolini Millennia and Essentials Chairs are designed in the USA and manufactured in Asia.

What if time is a huge factor?

Many chairs manufactured by Bertolini are made right here in the USA, which means we can shorten the turnaround time on orders. We also keep several chairs in-stock when customers need quick seating solutions.

How do I choose the most comfortable chair?

The best way to get the most comfortable church chair is to get several sample chairs and compare them in person, side by side. All chairs made by Bertolini are designed with comfort in mind. Every component from the foam to the frame has been designed to deliver superior comfort. Bertolini chairs are guaranteed to maintain their high level of comfort throughout the life of the chair.

What if we have limited storage at my church?

If you have limited storage space, then Bertolini chairs are perfect for your church. We build all our chairs to be lightweight and easy to set up, move, and store. The chairs are made with a sturdy steel frame that stacks efficiently and prevents wear and tear during moving and stacking. Unlike competitor products, Bertolini chairs have high-quality stacking buttons on the inside of the legs to make stacking easier and more efficient.

What if I need chairs, but I have a limited budget?

At Bertolini, we want to make it easy for customers to get the products they need. We’ll work with you to find products that fit within your budget. Many churches find it convenient to purchase chairs in blocks. We want you to buy chairs at your own pace, and you won’t feel any pressure from us. Bertolini also provides a free fundraising guide which has helped many churches raise money to purchase new chairs.

How versatile are Bertolini church chairs?

Bertolini is committed to building versatile chairs that can be used in a variety of locations and situations. Our chairs are lightweight and built to efficiently stack so they can be easily moved and stored in a small space. However, they can also be attached together in rows and replace church pews as a permanent seating solution.

What can I expect during the buying process once I’ve placed my order for Bertolini chairs?

  1. You’ll receive a receipt by email.  
  2. Once all your chairs have been manufactured, we conduct a rigorous quality control inspection.  
  3. When the order is ready, you will receive delivery information including the carrier contact information, tracking number, and anticipated delivery window.  
  4. Your shipping carrier will contact you no later than 24 hours before the delivery to make an appointment. 
  5. When your chairs arrive, you (and your helpers) will unload them from the truck (unless other arrangements are made). 

Frame Construction

What is a FormFlex™ seat, and which chairs have it?

Our patented FormFlex seat base is a molded plastic base that provides a comfortable foundation to the chair seat. Most church chair seats have a plywood base beneath the foam cushion, which doesn’t provide the most comfort. The FormFlex seat was designed specifically to improve comfort during long periods of sitting. This seat base has just the right amount of flexibility to prevent the sitter from “bottoming out” and sinking through the cushion to the hard chair base. This provides superior support and unbeatable comfort. The FormFlex seat is available in Impressions Chairs.

How well does the FormFlex™ seat stack up against seats that are made by the other church chair manufacturers? 

The patented FormFlex seat base offers greater comfort and durability than other church chairs. This seat base flexes when a person sits in it, creating a custom fit each time. In addition, the FormFlex seat base is made of molded plastic, which is lighter weight than chairs made with a plywood seat base. The seat base is topped with an ultra-comfortable, premium foam cushion that will last for over 20 years.

What is the Ergo-V™ Support System and which chairs have it?

If you want a chair that provides exceptional back comfort, choose a Bertolini chair with the Ergo-V Support System. Featuring ergonomic characteristics typically not found in stackable seating, its multi-contoured, V-shaped backrest fits individuals of all shapes and sizes by supporting the lower back while gently cradling the upper shoulders. Both the Millennia Series and Impression Series chairs feature the Ergo-V Support System.

How does powder-coating work and why is it an important feature to look for in chairs? 

Chairs made with a powder-coated steel frame are among the most durable, environmentally friendly, and long-lasting. All Bertolini chairs feature powder coated finishes. The powder-coating process starts with acid-washing the frame to remove all oils and residue from welding. The frame is then put on a rack and sent into a machine that magnetizes the metal and sprays on the paint. Then the frame is baked to cure the powder into a hard finish. This process is done in the Bertolini manufacturing facility to ensure top quality throughout the entire process. This means your frame color will last longer without fading or cracking.

Are powder-coated finishes environmentally friendly?

Yes, our method of powder coating has zero emissions and does not contribute to air pollution. We do not use electroplated finishes due to toxic air pollution created from plating, choosing instead self-contained powder coating systems. Our state of the art, environmentally friendly powder-coating system ensures that your chairs have the highest quality finishes with zero environmental impact.

What is the torsion bar for?

On all Bertolini chair frames, we have integrated a torsion bar support system to strengthen the frame and enhance durability. On a chair, a torsion bar is a steel bar welded across the back of the frame, just beneath the backrest. This bar reinforces our 16-gauge frames by adding stability, absorbing shock, and preventing the chair from twisting or wiggling. This bar also protects weld joints on the chair during stacking and unstacking. This technology combined with superior welding makes for a very durable frame.

What is mandrel bending, and what is the benefit of having this feature in church chairs?

The steel used to manufacture Bertolini church chairs is mandrel-bent, which results in a more attractive, secure, and stronger frame. Many church chair manufacturers construct their frames using crush bending—a technique that weakens the frame and leaves an unattractive indentation. In contrast, mandrel bending places an insert (a mandrel) into the tube when the bend is made to prevent collapsing. While this may not be quite as fast or as easy as crush bending, it results in a superior bend that maintains the full integrity of the steel tubing. This is the exact reason NASCAR mandates that this type of bend is used for the tubing in safety cages on all race cars.

Why is having cold-rolled steel important in church chairs?

We begin our chair manufacturing process by using precision welded, high-quality, 1010 cold rolled steel tubing. Cold rolled steel is stronger and has a smoother finish than hot-rolled steel. Cold rolled steel has essentially gone through the entire hot rolling process plus a cold rolling process. This gives cold rolled steel more strength and a higher quality surface. Cold-rolled steel is ideal for furniture because, in addition to offering a smooth and snag-free texture, it also provides the optimum surface for powder coat adhesion.

Ratings & Tests

What type of quality control tests does Bertolini do on chairs?

If you need durable chairs that can withstand hard use and heavy weight, you need Bertolini Chairs. Before any customer order is wrapped for shipment, all chairs must pass a rigorous ISO 9000 compliant quality control inspection. Our inspectors measure 8 inspection points on all our church chairs. Chairs that don’t meet standards are rejected and replaced before your order is shipped.

What is the focused static load test and why is it important?

During the static load test, 800 pounds of focused weight is placed in the center of the seat foundation. During testing, all Bertolini chair seats easily withstood the focused load. We perform these tests periodically to ensure the quality and durability of the chairs. This will give you the peace of mind to know that it’s safe for your congregation to use these chairs for years to come.

What is a static frame load test and why is it important?

During the first frame load test, 500 pounds of concrete is placed on the front chair legs of a standard Bertolini chair frame. Then, the chair frame is put through a second frame load test where 1,000 pounds of concrete is placed on the frame. All Bertolini chair frames do not show fatigue during these tests, demonstrating that the chair can support up to 1,000 pounds of weight. This means your congregation will always be safe when sitting in or stacking these chairs. We repeat this and other durability tests frequently on all Bertolini chairs to ensure the strength of the products.

Why is it important to purchase only chairs that can pass an emissions test?

A cheaply made church chair can emit high levels of formaldehyde and other airborne toxins. Bertolini chairs pass all GSA emissions requirements, which are the strictest requirements in the industry. The Impressions Chair is also Greenguard Certified, which means it has passed rigorous chemical emissions tests and that it will not contribute to air pollution or poor indoor air quality.

Upholstery & Fabric

What kind of fabric is used on Bertolini church chairs?

Bertolini uses only the highest quality commercial fabric. The mills we purchase fabric from have some of the strictest quality control procedures in use today. The fabric we use is double-rub abrasion tested to ensure durability. High volume businesses like hotels are tough on chairs and they request fabrics that are tested for between 15,000 and 30,000 double-rubs. The standard fabrics used on Bertolini church chairs are tested for between 50,000 to and 250,000 double-rubs without showing signs of wear. These fabrics are also tested for colorfastness when exposed to light.

What makes the foam used in Bertolini chairs so special?

Bertolini church chairs are made using highly durable foam. The USA-made Impressions Chair has an extra plush, custom-molded foam seat that delivers long-term comfort. The foam is TDI-free, which emits fewer VOCs and promotes healthy air quality. The Impressions foam seat is fitted over a molded plastic seat base, which follows the contours of the body for a comfortable experience.

Millennia and Essentials Chairs feature 3.5-inch-deep, dual-density foam, which is made up of two layers of foam: a stiff, dense foam on bottom and a softer, fluffier layer on top. The result is a comfortable seat.

Bertolini foam seats will outlast any other on the market and provide years of comfort. We back this promise with an industry-leading foam warranty of 20 to 25 years.

International Orders

Does Bertolini ship internationally?

Yes! Bertolini can ship to virtually any address in the world. However, we have specific instructions and requirements to complete an international sale.

How does Bertolini ship products internationally?

All international shipments from Bertolini are sent via container. The customer is responsible for arranging a shipping service. We may suggest shipping services we have found to be reliable.

What classifies my order as international?

Any orders originating from a location outside of the 50 states in the USA are classified as international orders and these orders are subject to international order policies.

What form of currency is accepted at Bertolini?

All prices are shown in U.S. dollars and that is the only currency we accept.

What about international taxes and tariffs?

Our prices do not include taxes and tariffs. Customers outside the United States may be required to pay these fees to the courier, as applicable, upon delivery. Please consult your local customs office or tax authority for information specific to your situation. Bertolini is not responsible for any applicable taxes, tariffs, fees, brokerage charges, customs charges, or any other charge that may arise due to an international shipment.


How durable are Bertolini church chairs?

You can expect 20+ years of use with Bertolini chairs. Bertolini chairs are designed to withstand any wear and tear that can arise through years of hard use and remain fully functional without any maintenance being required. Bertolini Impressions Chairs come with a 25-year warranty on the foam and frame, while the lower-priced Millennia & Essentials Chairs come with a 20-year foam warranty and a 25-year frame warranty. Upholstery warranty vary based on the fabric selected and the textile manufacturer’s warranty. We offer replaceable seats and backs to further extend the lifetime of our products.

Does Bertolini offer a warranty on every chair?

Yes! Bertolini offers a comprehensive, hassle-free warranty on every chair and we can do this because we know our products are the best. Warranty periods vary based on chair models and components, but all Bertolini chairs come with a 25-year warranty on the frame. We prioritize having a long-term relationship with our customers, so we work hard to ensure our customers receive the very best church chairs any company can produce. For warranty details visit,