Bertolini Launches New Website and Updates Church Chairs

Orem, Utah—August 28, 2019

Bertolini, a leading manufacturer of stackable church chairs, has launched a new website with an updated product line and resources, Bertolini has been serving the worship market for more than 60 years, and they take great pride in having American craftsmanship and a commitment to innovation. The company became a MITY Inc. product brand in December of 2017.

“This new website is an important next step in maintaining our desire to provide the best products and services to our customers,” says Tony R. Smith, CEO of MITY Inc. “The site is easy to navigate and filled with tools and resources for members of the worship community.”

The website includes information about updates to the three most popular Bertolini church chairs: Impressions Series, Millennia Series, and Essentials Series. Customers will also find tools to customize chairs and select fabrics virtually. In addition, users can download resources to help them learn how to successfully market to the community, fundraise, create inexpensive holiday decorations, and more.

“We want to make it easy for our customers to serve their congregations and create healthy church communities,” said Jeff Jones, national director of church sales for MITY Inc. “In order to do that we must manufacture the best church chairs while staying committed to our own values. This includes building our products in the USA to enrich local communities, providing jobs to American workers, and offering amazing customer service.”

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About Bertolini

Bertolini is committed to delivering durable chairs that are manufactured in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee. The company uses only the best materials from American suppliers to construct durable and comfortable chairs for the worship market. Bertolini strives to provide customers with the best products and warranty programs while sticking to an important set of core values: creating jobs for American workers, supporting local economies, and following fair labor practices. This makes it easy for Bertolini to stand behind every chair they have built over the last 60 years. The ownership of Bertolini transferred to their parent company, MITY Inc., on December 30, 2017.

About the Bertolini Parent Company, MITY Inc.

MITY Inc. manages durable furniture brands to serve the global marketplace. The MITY product brands include MityLite, Holsag, Bertolini, and BRODA® Seating. MityLite manufactures award-winning and professionally designed furniture products for the commercial marketplace including industries such as hospitality, government, and education. Holsag builds furniture for the senior living, healthcare, education and hospitality markets. Bertolini manufactures comfortable and durable seating for the worship market. Broda delivers a unique line of tilt-in-space positioning wheelchairs for senior living and healthcare. The company is based in Orem, Utah and has manufacturing operations in Lindsay, Ontario; Kitchener, Ontario; and Lawrenceburg, Tennessee. Visit for more information.