Bertolini Celebrates Over 2 Million Impressions™ Series Church Chairs Sold

Chino, CA—November 06, 2014

Bertolini offers a large selection of superior USA built chairs. Their commitment to excellence shows in all of their products. From the quality of the materials they use, their innovative assembly techniques and rigorous testing process, the best church seating goes directly from them to the customer. With over 50 years of experience, the family-owned business has provided high-quality premium church seating to a variety of churches and companies.

Most recently, Bertolini celebrated their mark on over 2 million Impressions™ Series church chairs sold. The Impressions™ Series church chair was engineered in 2004 and only the highest-quality materials go into the Impressions™ Series chair, which molds to the body for optimal comfort, while the sound structure provides amazing durability. Bertolini’s unique design makes the Impressions™ Series church chair the only maintenance-free pew stacking church chair available. The Flex-Fit™ seat and the Fit-Tight™ fastening system with BosScrew™ technology features true ergonomic design for optimal sitting comfort and incredible durability.

All Impressions™ Series models feature the award winning Ergo-V back. This back support system has become one of Bertolini’s strongest and most comfortable backs. The contoured Ergo-V back acts in perfect concert with the Flex-Fit™ seat’s contoured S-shape saddle with Bertolini’s exclusive 2 lb. BLUE foam cushioning and rolled front seat to create all day comfort. The Ergo-V back foundation features ergonomic characteristics typically not found in stackable seating; its multi-contoured V shape fits individuals of all shapes and sizes by supporting the lower back while gently cradling the upper shoulders. Bertolini compliments the back foundation with the fine tailoring and plush cushioning needed to truly experience unmatched comfort.

Bertolini’s Impressions™ Series church chairs are built in the USA. They are locally sourced with components such as recyclable USA steel, bio-based foam cushioning, and 30+% postindustrial recycled seat polymers. It provides the industry’s strongest frame with radius 16-gauge 1010 cold rolled steel with integrated solid Torsion Bar System. The frame finish offers an Ultra-Durable Powder-coat electrostatically applied and baked at over 400 degrees, saltwater tested to over 800 hours.

“I often suggest the Impressions™ Series 7025; everyone loves the Comfort, elegance and durability that we put in a pew-stacking chair. People just can’t stop talking about how comfortable they are! Those are the moments that make all my effort worth it; you see for me at the end of the day it’s about providing the best tool possible for churches to go out and reach their community in a more successful way”, says Trevor White, Senior Product Specialist for the East USA Region & Canada.