Many places of worship still have pews even though pews are not nearly as comfortable and versatile as chairs. Making the switch to church chairs comes with many benefits that will be good for the members of the congregation as well as your staff. You’ll likely find it to be well worth the cost.

These are just four of the many benefits.

Increased Comfort

One of the biggest complaints about church pews is discomfort. Most people find it difficult to sit in pews for extended periods of time, especially if they have back pain or other physical ailments. In fact, uncomfortable seating may cause churches to see a decline in attendance. For this reason, many churches feel providing comfortable chairs is extremely important. When your congregation is comfortable, they’re more likely to pay attention, return often, and enjoy their time at church.

Increase personal space

Pews don’t provide much personal space, which can make it awkward for everyone and unpleasant for new members and people who suffer from anxiety. Church chairs allow each person to enjoy personal space while still feeling like part of the group. You can even purchase church chairs with armrests to help increase the level of comfort.

Embrace environmental responsibility

Bertolini church chairs are locally sourced and made with only environmentally sound materials. Moving from pews to chairs can help your church take a stand for the protection of the environment, which greatly appeals to younger people especially. Only the best materials are used to make these chairs, which means you’ll replace them less often and have a smaller impact on the environment.

Improve flexibility

With chairs, you can easily reconfigure spaces to accommodate large and small groups and transform rooms from classrooms into banquet spaces. If you purchase chairs that are easy to move and store, your staff will thank you. It’s important to select chairs that stack to save space and well-made carts to reduce the risk of injury.

Do you think making the transition from pew to chairs would be a good move for your church? If so, make sure you get the best chairs your money can buy. Bertolini offers the best church chairs in the market and they’re manufactured right here in the USA. No matter your budget, Bertolini can provide a great product, backed by a substantial warranty, that will last through years of hard use.

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