Sundays are important family days, and you want to make sure parents feel confident their kids will be safe and happy when they drop them off at Sunday school. Teenagers, too, will need a place to go and feel relaxed and engaged. In order to maintain membership and grow your church, it’s important to always be looking for ways to inspire children and youth and make them excited to come back every Sunday.

One way to do this is by selecting furniture that creates an inviting and fun environment for kids. Here are some tips.

Consider the child’s perspective

Start by thinking about the age group that will spend time in each room and then try to see the world from their point of view. Remember, it will be different from yours. A 3-year-old won’t be excited when they walk into a room that looks like a boring classroom with rows of desks. Likewise, teenagers won’t enjoy spending time in a Sunday school room that looks just like their 8th grade classroom.

If your budget doesn’t run to multicolored armchairs for the teens and brightly colored chairs for the little tykes, purchase sturdy reliable chairs in a neutral color and then let the walls and accessories do the talking. Stackable chairs are a great idea because they can be cleared away for games and activities.

Get creative with the room layout and try to make it feel fun and inviting rather than simply educational. You can use things like cubbies to break up the room and separate the play area from the tables. This can also give kids a nice place to store their things. 

Cater to all children

All children learn differently so you want to find ways to encourage success. For example, use portable teaching carts and learning stations for hands-on learners. These often include an easel and storage underneath for games and puzzles. 

Consider using book bins to create a quiet corner for kids who like to read. These are better for kids than bookcases because they are easier to access, and cover art will grab their attention more than book spines.

You should also create areas with open space for physical learners who need physical activity and learn through play. Stackable chairs can be helpful for children’s Sunday school rooms since they can be tucked away easily.

Choose the right furniture

If you choose the right furniture, you can create flexible spaces that encourage different types of learning. To do this, you’ll need furniture that’s easy to move, but sturdy enough that it’s safe for children who like to climb and stand on things.

Consider painting walls in cheerful colors and using art that invites color, play, and the right level of reverence that you desire for the Sunday school room. When selecting chairs for teenage Sunday school rooms, consider comfort. Padded church chairs will be more pleasant for your youth groups than the hard, wooden chairs that teenagers associate with school.